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Technical Papers

At Powers & Sons, LLC, we are proud of our technical knowledge. Following are some of the technical papers we have presented.

PDF Cameron Plint (PDF - 796 KB)
Working with Dow Automotive, Powers & Sons, LLC developed a method to evaluate the wear contribution effects of lubricant, bearing material, ball surface hardness, ball surface finish and internal pressure on bearing wear.

PDF Metal Processes (PDF - 178 KB)
A detailed discussion of the forging process. Describes forging equipment, tooling required, forging properties and cost drivers.

PDF Lash Survey (PDF - 230 KB)
All parts wear. How much does a ball joint have to wear before it is noticeable to the driver? We conducted a study to find the answer.

PDF Benchmarking (PDF - 764 KB)
An overview of the Powers & Sons, LLC benchmarking library-Why we benchmark and what we've learned.

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