Modest Beginnings

In 1932, the Powers family was operating a Ford dealership in Montpelier, Ohio – about 120 miles southwest of Dearborn, Michigan. At the back of the dealership, the family maintained a small machine shop for making repair parts for Model A’s and Model T’s.

1932 was not a good time to be selling new cars. The depression era was hard also on automotive parts suppliers, forcing many out of business. Ford Motor Company needed new suppliers to fill the void. Powers and Sons, because of their machining capabilities, was among the companies approached by Ford to supplement its supply base. Shortly thereafter, Powers and Sons began to supply pitman arms to Ford for the Model A.

The depression ended as America converted to war production. Just before the start of World War II, the Powers family sold its Ford dealership to focus fully on manufacturing. Tanks, aircraft, jeeps and amphibious ducks carried Powers and Sons parts to places in the world they had never been before.

In 1956, Powers and Sons was sold to Letts Industries, a solid forging supplier to the automotive industry since 1909.

An Overview of Letts Industries

The foundation of Letts Industries was laid in 1909 by the formation of the Detroit Socket Company. As a supplier of buggy and wagon top hardware, DSC forged, welded and Japanned bow sockets and rests.

During a 1911 meeting of the board of directors, it was proposed that the company should consider producing top hardware for the burgeoning automobile industry. A new factory was needed; and Charles E. Letts had an appropriate lot available, which he exchanged for company stock. The new factory was built for the then-exorbitant amount of $3225.00.

In 1913, Charles E. Letts was hired as a salesman. One of his duties was to make horse-drawn deliveries to Ford Motor Company. He must have sold a lot of parts because, in 1915, he was named president and general manager of the Detroit Socket Company.

During World War I, the Detroit Socket Company supplied parts for the “F” boat (predecessor to the PT boat).

In 1919, Charles E. Letts purchased the remaining stock in the Detroit Socket Company. In 1929 the company name was changed to Letts Drop Forge.

Powers and Sons, LLC Today

In 2002 Powers and Sons, LLC was formed to better position the company for the challenges of the new millennium.

From its modest beginnings as a small machine shop at the back of a Ford dealership, Powers and Sons, LLC has evolved into a multinational, state-of-the-art, full-service supplier employing over 300 people in the United States and Mexico.

As a premier Tier 1 designer and supplier of machined steering and suspension components, systems, and assemblies, Powers and Sons, LLC markets and sells its products to Original Equipment Manufacturers, other Tier 1 suppliers, and into the premium aftermarket.

Powers and Sons, LLC stands ready to serve the ever-evolving automotive industry with its highly-qualified full-service design and development staff, an industry-leading Lean Manufacturing philosophy, flexible equipment capabilities, and manufacturing locations in the US and Mexico.

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