At Powers and Sons, LLC, we believe it is important to have a common technical understanding with our customers. The more they know and understand about steering linkage and suspension systems, the easier our job is.

On many occasions, Powers and Sons, LLC engineering staff have been asked by customers to conduct technical seminars to help their employees gain a core competency in our products. Powers and Sons, LLC is honored and proud to do this. We feel it reflects the high level of regard our customers have for our technical knowledge.

Some of our presentations are listed here.

 An Introduction to Steering Linkage (PDF – 158 KB)
Many of us who have been in the business for a number of years take too much for granted in our field of expertise. With this in mind, we thought about the newcomer to steering linkage systems. We have prepared a comprehensive introduction to help someone unfamiliar with steering systems get a quick, broad overview of how steering linkage works, some terminology and a rough idea of the design guidelines.

 A Forging Overview (PDF – 178 KB)
The bulk of structural chassis members are forgings. In order to best utilize forgings, it is important to understand the process. This PowerPoint presentation explains why forgings work so well. It also show the different processes and equipment as well as how to design a forging with cost as a primary driver.

 Tutorial (PDF – 153 KB)
To help understand the ball joint design, we have included a hypothetical design problem.

 Metal Process (PDF – 17 KB)
A brief description of different metal forming processes. Includes cold forming, casting, forging and stamping.

 Glossary (PDF – 33 KB)
We have put together a glossary of terms to help make sure we are all speaking the same language.